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Cobalt Chrome Dental Casting Alloys 8.5cm³ Density Reduces Oxide Formation

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Willett
Certification: CE
Model Number: CCP1K
Minimum Order Quantity: 25KG
Price: Contact for pricing
Packaging Details: Bottle
Delivery Time: 5-8 Business days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 50 + KG + per day
Product Details
Cobalt: 63% Chrome: 27%
Others: 10% Density: 8.5cm³
VHN(Hardness): 380HV10 CTE: 14.1-14.5
Melting Temp.: 1250-1385 Celsius Packaging: Bottle
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base metal alloys in dentistry


non precious dental alloys

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Product Description

Cobalt chrome Dental Casting Alloys for Procelain and Ceramic in Ingot or Cylinder


Our cobalt chrome dental casting alloys for Procelain has excellent workability. It enables to obtain smooth and compact surfaces and reduce the oxide formation. They are perfect economical alternative to Gold & Silver based alloys (precious) without compromising its performance thanks to Willett's mechanical properties and biocompatibility.



This packaging of 1KG is registered and certified in Mainland China.


Please let our sales representative know your packaging preference. We are also able to provide private labeling.



We are very strict on our selection of raw materials in order to make sure the quality of our alloys are premium and toxic free.





Co Cr Others
60-63% 27-29% 8-13%





Density: 8.5cm³

VHN: 380HV10

CTE: 14.1-14.5

Melting range: 1250-1385C




(1).Superior mechanical performance castability, toughness

(2).Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high intensity, high hardness, stays in shape

(3).Nickle-free great biocompatibility


Beryllium Free Nickel Base Dental Casting Alloys for Casting


We provide options with our label package or private label.

Massive amount for private labeling and packing will be 25kg per bucket.


Manufacturing by San Xin, patented manufacturer base in China.


-Require simple casting process, hassle free!
Easy and convenient operation.


-Rapid melting rate, perfect liquidity!
Easy to acheive ideal casting product.


-Soft oxide layer, makes polishing easier than ever!

Surface will be shinny within no time!

-Automatic forming compact passivation layer after polishing,
Strong corrosion resistance,excellent biocompatibility, contains zero Bertllium!
Patient's oral healthiness is guaranteed!




Ni Cr Cu Sn
68% 4% 20% 5%




Melting range 1100-1200
Density 8.5g/cm3
Hardness 220HV10




What is the perfect temperature to obtain the best result when casting?


The casting temperature should always maintain 100~150℃ higher than liquidus temperature.


What is the perfect timing to obtain the best result when casting?


While casting Nickel Chrome alloys that don't contain Beryllium, the surface of the melting alloys will appear a layer of shadow. Once the shadow disappears and the edges of the alloy have become rounded (melted until it becomes a sphere shape is not necessary) will be the best timing for casting. Perfect timing for casting Cobalt Chrome alloy is to heat it till the surface membrane perforated and a spark of bright light start to appear.


Cobalt Chrome casting piece is incomplete, what are the causes?


1. Casting ring is not heated evenly: While casting Cobalt alloys, casting ring must heat up gradually and slowly before reaches 300℃. Let it sit in the oven in between 300℃ and 600℃ for 10-30 minutes. Once it heats up to the desired temperature, maintain the same temperature for at least 30 minutes before casting.


2. Casting temperature is below/above alloy's requirement.


3. Strub designed improperly: For example, Strub is too narrow. We strongly recommend the Strub diameter consist of 5mm or more.


4. The amount of alloy is not enough for the casting piece or the centrifugal force of casting pressure is not enough.


5. Casting piece has not avoided the heat center.


Cobalt Chrome Dental Casting Alloys 8.5cm³ Density Reduces Oxide Formation 0

Cobalt Chrome Dental Casting Alloys 8.5cm³ Density Reduces Oxide Formation 1